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Improve your lock and key situation by learning about what our experts think about them.


There is a bunch of practical tips on door locksets and keys waiting to be discovered. Read all the advice provided below carefully and use it effectively when the need arises. Keep visiting this specially created web page to learn even more over time.


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  • Lubricate your UPVC locks properly

    The mechanisms in every door lock are finicky and vulnerable to jamming and gumming when lubrication is not properly done. Use a dry lubricant like graphite when performing lubrication maintenance on your locks. Using this type sparingly will stop them from collecting dirt which can damage the inner mechanism when wet lubricants are used, and will keep the system working properly.

  • Opt for locks with large turn pieces for the office

    The large turn pieces make it easier for people to use the doors. This is especially helpful to employees, clients and visitors with disabilities. Ideally, the large turn pieces should allow for comfortable grip with the whole hand rather than only with the index finger and the thumb. They should not require too much effort to turn.

  • Always check that you have your keys with you when you go out

    The specialists of our locksmith company in Harrow explain that this is a simple technique, but it is highly useful for preventing lockouts when it is turned into a habit. You simply need to check your bag and your pocket while you are still inside the house.

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