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Providing Protection to Locks

05/12/2015 Back To Blog

Even the best British Standard locks can obtain damage if they are not cared for properly. These devices are made to resist any weather, picking, and breakage attempts. However, there are also other threats which many homeowners do not take seriously until it is too late. The good news is that devices can be properly shielded from them. Discover the most reliable methods for protection.Provide Protection to Locks


Keeping Locks in Optimal Condition


You can protect these devices from damage and avoid lock repair just by using them more carefully. Insert the key slowly and apply force only in forward direction. Turn it carefully and gently. Always use the handle to open the door. These basic rules will help you to avoid lots of hassle.


It may go without saying, but these devices and the keys which come with them are not toys. You should teach children not to play with them as this can lead to serious damage and pose the need for complex lock fix. Keys and other tools must not be used for scratching the lock surface or any other surface for that matter. Liquids and objects must not be pushed inside door lock cylinders, strike plates, and inside the grooves of keys.


Do not attempt to fix these devices yourself as the incorrect use of techniques and tools can cause further damage. Similarly, you must not use pointy tools for troubleshooting sticky and frozen locks. One must be extremely careful with the cleaning, lubricating, and de-icing avoiding causing any corrosion.


Both external and internal door locks require special protection during repair and renovation projects. This is particularly important in cases when the work involves the release of small and light particles into the air or the use of products containing harsh chemical compounds. You need to cover all locks and preferably the strike plates with thick non-porous material like kitchen wrap. Make sure the material will not leave any residue on the devices. The cover has to be as tight as possible and the adhesive which is used has to be safe as well as effective. 


It is certainly not difficult to protect locks from damage. You simply need to use them carefully and provide proper maintenance with safe tools and materials. If there are immediate threats, provide special protection to the devices right away.

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