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All questions on locks and keys on this page have detailed and informative answers


Get better equipped with knowledge on locks and keys by reading the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the locksmith industry. Use what you have learned to do the right thing in various situations. Use the information bellow and expand your knowledge!


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Do you have questions about lock rekeying? Do you want to know how often locks should be replaced? There are many questions related to locks and keys and they are all important since they have to do with your security. Find splendid answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here

  • When should you choose a double cylinder deadbolt over a tubular lock system?

    As a general rule, you should always choose a tubular lock system because it is convenient and easily accessible for almost anyone. That being said, it would be better to use a double cylinder deadbolt when a room needs heavy security, such as when it contains valuables or other important equipment, objects, or records. A double cylinder deadbolt limits access to people who have the keys, and is perfect for such type of settings.

  • Where can double cylinder deadbolt locks be used in the domestic setting?

    Since most locksmiths agree that double deadbolts are more apt for securing doors that need limited access, our technicians at Locksmith Harrow  think that it would be a good idea to use a double cylinder deadbolt for rooms that need to be separated from the rest of the house, like record rooms or tool sheds. It’s also perfect because getting locked in would be impossible with a double cylinder deadbolt.

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